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🔥 The world’s strongest natural testosterone booster available on the market 🔥

Get your testosterone levels sky high (NATURALLY) with these five powerful, clinically researched, ingredients!

Alpha-Elite contains 14,360mg equivalent of raw powder of the following premium ingredients:

✅ 350mg KSM-66 ®

✅ 300mg, 20:1, Tongkat Ali

✅ 200mg, 20:1, Turkesterone

✅ 200mg, 20:1, Fadogia Argestis

✅ 10mg BioPerine®

✅ Vegan 🌱

❌ No banned substances ❌

This five ingredient formula works harmoniously together and in your body. It equates to the following in raw powder:


20:1 extracts mean this: per milligram of normal powder, multiply it by 20. 200mg of a 20:1 extract will equate to 4,000mg of normal powder. Extracts are highly dense in the bioactive compounds we seek from herbs. It is the very best compared to typical powders, which you’ll find in 99% of other products.

On top of that, KSM-66® is the most researched and bio available form of Ashwaganda available on the market today.

We don’t just seek to level the playing field at 1776, we seek to destroy the competition.

To God be the Glory ⚡️

Alpha-Elite (New Formula)

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