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Anabolic with a pump?!


Sure, why not.


Introducing HydroPump! With the most glycerol (95% glycerol monosterate!) per servings, it also contains the highly anabolic ingredient Epicatechin! This is a staple to any workout regiment!


This product can be used as a standalone, or paired with your favorite pre-workout to increase your stamina and endurance!


Suggested use: For best taste, refridgerate and enjoy! Only 20 ml is all it takes; consume plenty of water throughout your day (don't forget your salt!)


Glycerol has been clinically proven to increase your anaerobic output by hyper-saturating the muscles with water, which carry nutrients. Glycerol ingestion increases the length of time that can be spent exercising because of the improvement in physical endurance. In addition, heart rate during exercise appears to be significantly lower after glycerol intake (Montner et al., 1996).


What is Epicatechin?


Epi works by reducing the amount of myostatin, thus facilitating more muscle growth through increased follistatin.


It basically improves your capacity to build more muscle. Because it’s a regulated compound, follistatin works with all the other qualities contained within Epicatechin.


According to studies, follistatin has been shown to reduce myostatin while boosting muscle formation and the creation of new muscle cells.


Epi study:


Glycerol study:

HydroPump +Epicatechin

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