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Operation Warrior’s Rage was a US military campaign conducted within Iraq during the year of 2005. It was successful, with the apprehension of 33 high value targets.

This new high pump, low-stim formula (only 75mg of caffeine!) packs a punch and truly unleashed the rage within the warrior!

⛔️Warning ⛔️ Skin tearing pumps! Youll have never used a preworkout before with the vasodilation effects of this formula. It’s a two-in-one supplement loaded with trademarked ingredients; more so than any other product on the market!*

✅ All clinically dosed, transparent ingredients

30 true servings of the following:

✅ 6.5G Citrulline malate

✅3.5G Beta Alanine

✅1G beet root extract

✅Patented S7 (increases nitric oxide by 240% in independent studies)

✅750MG L-Carnitine (fat burning)

✅1G L-Arginine L-Pyroglutamate

✅ Astragin (patented ingredient for absorption of amino acids)

✅ Coconut 🥥 Fruit Extract (electrolytes/hydration)

✅ ONLY 75mg of caffeine di-malate (slower delivery means no crash)

✅TeaCrine (patented ingredient/ similar effects of caffeine but without any dependence building - hits the same every time)

✅Theobromine (stim found in dark chocolate)

✅Black Pepper Extract (higher absorption of vitamins)

✅Vitamins B6 and B12

✅Alpha Yohimbe (energy)

✅ Vegan Approved

*These claims have not been not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration

Warrior’s Rage

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